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Lucia Lapiedra
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Birth: 31/1/1981 Capricorn ( 33 Years , Middle aged )
Body: Athletics
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hobbies: Gossip in television programs salseo
Biography: Miriam Sanchez Camera (b. January 31, 1981) better known as Lucia Lapiedra, is a former porn star and Spanish media personality.

At an early age, his parents divorced and Lucia lost contact with his mother, growing up with his father, his brother and stepmother. He studied computer science at the Pontifical University of Salamanca (Madrid campus) and says it was a completely normal girl and never thought about a career in pornography. In late 2004, he met the Spanish porn film director Ramiro Lapiedra, ex boyfriend the pornstar Celia Blanco, with whom he began an affair and who invited her to enter the porn industry in Spanish. Ramiro Lapiedra began to be well representative boyfriend and he acquired his stage name.

Lucia Lapiedra began to be known in Spain in early 2005, thanks to his appearances on the television show Martian Chronicles [1] channel broadcast by Telecinco in Spain, where accompanied by reporter Javier Deltell, went through the streets of Barcelona undressing and filming the reactions of people. Despite pleading porn actress at the time, his films were not for sale. Months later made an appearance in mainstream film Spanish film Torrente 3, directed by Santiago Segura, gaining even more fame and media as she herself says, compaginándola work at X Spanish industry, and frequent appearances in nightclubs while suffering addiction to cocaine.

It was not until the second half of 2005 when I really started to appear in a small number of pornographic films, the vast majority run by the Brothers Lapiedra, except for two scenes shot for the actor producer and director Nacho Vidal porn early 2005. Also, in early 2005, began to appear in the Spain edition of FHM magazine, which had its own section in responding to questions that readers sent him.

In the first scenes filmed for Nacho Vidal, appears having sex with a masked woman. When the film was released in February 2005, Lucia made a statement to the press saying heart that the woman was a famous Spanish personality often appearing in programs of the heart, when it was actually a porn actress little known Brazilian called Morgana.

In April 2006, the romantic relationship between Ramiro Lapiedra Lucia Lapiedra and broke. In the summer of 2006 Lucy began working as a partner in the TNT television channel Telecinco Spanish, and a few weeks after they began to hear rumors in the tabloids for having an affair with the sports journalist José Manuel Estrada, more known as Pipi Estrada, who later were confirmed by both. Since then Lucia Lapiedra fame began to grow dramatically. Lucia said he was very much in love and split Pipi Estrada and dramatically complete X industry, retiring as a porn star, changing his stage name Lucía Lapiedra by his real name Miriam Sanchez and beginning to attend programs in the tabloids accusing her ex-boyfriend and former representative Ramiro Lapiedra of abuse and physical and psychological abuse, accusations that the porn director denies.

In 2006 he also returned to work again in the Spanish mainstream film, appearing in the film Isi / Disi: High Voltage, directed by Miguel Angel Lamata, released in Spanish cinemas on December 1, 2006. Likewise, he also worked in the office of the magazine FHM sexual answering questions from readers.

Today is withdrawn and detached from porn and has overcome his addiction to cocaine, which claims to have recovered completely in a while with the help of her boyfriend Pipi Estrada, whose name is tattooed on his forearm. In May 2007, had a daughter named Miriam. He claims to have intentions of entering the mainstream film industry.

In early 2008, decided to participate in a new reality show delivery Spanish channel Telecinco called Survivors, as a platform that serves to be known as it really is, thus moving away from its old image of porn star and more becoming known as a media personality on Spanish television.

On January 31, 2008, on his birthday, while he was participating in the reality show Survivor on an island at 13,000 miles from Spain, her boyfriend and father of her child, Pipi Estrada, asked by marriage live broadcast from Spain viewed live by all viewers
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